Financing Requirements

Our properties are available through several different purchasing options:

  • Cash sale: If you have the money ready to go, we will sell your new home to you for cash.
  • Owner financing: This option requires a 25% down payment on your new property.
  • Lease-to-Purchase/Rent-To-Own: Our lease option program requires 3-5% down payment (depending on the property condition). Your take home income must be 3x plus the monthly payment (verifiable). You must have 1 year perfect rental history (verifiable) and credit score of 600+. Two or more years of perfect rental history and the credit score requirement of 600 is reduced. More down the better your payment.

If you have an income and can offer some money up front to show you have good rental history and are serious, you will more than likely qualify for any one of our purchasing options. We check your background, employment history, rental history, credit history and a few other items. We do not care if you have had prior temporary setbacks. Perfect credit, job stability, and minimal debt are not requirements to qualify for our purchasing options. Our one and only concern is providing you with a place to call home.

*Each lease-option buyer must verify having an income that equates to more than three-times the total payment, and must be able to prove having no less than two years of positive rental history or one year positive of rental history accompanied by a mid-level credit score.

If you don’t meet the rental or credit requirements then you will need to invest a larger option fee. To complete an application please click here. All purchasing options above are subject to state and local laws. State or local laws can cause each purchasing option to vary among individual purchasers. Some options may not be available in your area.

Have questions?

The way you find them is the way we sell them, so please investigate carefully and do not hesitate to give us a call with any concern you may have.