Lease Requirements

Our lease requires your first month, last month, and a deposit equal to 1 months rent. Your take home income must be 3x or more of the monthly rent payment (verifiable), i.e. if rent is $1,500 you must show income of $4,500. You’ll need 1 year perfect rental history (verifiable) and credit score of 600+. Two or more years of documented perfect rental history and the credit score requirement of 600 is reduced. We check your background, employment history, rental history, credit history and a few other items. If your rental history consists of living free or paying utilities with friends/family then you won’t qualify. You must have a lease in your name. Any questions or if you have a unique situation please call my number


Have questions?

The way you find them is the way we sell them, so please investigate carefully and do not hesitate to give us a call with any concern you may have.